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United Metro Energy is a leading energy provider in the New York Metropolitan area, offering excellent 24/7 services and value to its customers. With over 70 years of experience in the fuels business, our company is unique among others in combining trusted tradition with strategic assets to create unbeatable service for clients. Our mission is to provide best-in-class energy solutions that use cutting edge technology while never compromising on safety or customer satisfaction. We strive to be a leader in sustainability while making sure families have access to affordable energy options and services. Our vision is to continue to offer top quality services available through friendly and knowledgeable employees as we branch out into other areas of residential and commercial energy needs throughout New York.

Timeline of our growth

About UMEC
Metro is born

Metro creates its first terminal in Greenpoint Brooklyn

About Metro
A Company is saved

On the brink of bankruptcy Metro is purchased and the name is changed to United Metro Energy Corp (UMEC)

Terminal Riverhead, NY – United Riverhead Terminal
First acquisition

UMEC takes ownership of United Riverhead Terminal

Terminal Patchogue, NY – Swezey Fuel
Purchasing of Summit Home Fuel

United Metro Energy expands there products and services by acquiring Summit Home Fuel

Hands Fuel Co Title
UMEC acquires Hands Fuel Co

United Metro Energy acquires hands Fuel Co and further expands there residential reach.


Meet the team

About John McConville

John McConville


John is an experienced and knowledgeable executive with an impressive track record of success in the oil & energy industry. He demonstrates a strong skill set in petroleum, refining, environmental awareness, safety management systems, and lean six sigma processes. As a highly successful business development executive with significant expertise and experience in financial and operational leadership. John’s outstanding professional accomplishments are a testament to his knowledge and proficiency in the oil & energy sector.

About John Alexiou

John Alexiou

Vice President of Supply and Trading

John has an extensive background with 25+ years of experience in the oil & energy industry.  He has held various positions in gas station retail, internal audit, wholesale sales & pricing, and supply & trading. He worked 10+ years for a Mobil dealer in Naples, FL and another 10+ years with ExxonMobil’s downstream, headquartered in Fairfax, VA. John has a thorough comprehensive and well-rounded knowledge of the energy industry and logistics, focusing on PADD 1 in the northeast US.

About Joseph Colonel

Joseph Colonel

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Colonel is an experienced corporate leader who has served as the Chief Operating Officer of United Metro Energy for over 5 years. He has a proven track record of success, having tightened operations, created cohesive teams and implemented innovative solutions. His eye for detail and ability to think creatively have allowed him to develop strategies that maximize productivity. Joseph’s commitment to excellence is unmatched.

About Tony Camodeo

Tony Camodeo

Vice President of Sales

Tony is a talented, and reliable Wholesale/Commercial Sales Manager of the Commercial Fuels Department for United Metro Energy Corp. He is responsible for taking care of major fleets in the tri-state area, as well as for marketing and sales of motor fuels daily. His leadership and strategic planning abilities have enabled him to successfully maximize revenue for the organization.