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Using Energy Wisely 
United Metro Energy’s Summer/Winter Heating and Cooling Tips

Winter: (October- March)

United Metro Energy, your green energy source, would like to offer you these winter efficiency tips for homeowners provided by our knowledgeable and reliable Service Team. We want you to be prepared before the temperature really starts to drop. Follow these tips to be greener financially and environmentally!


Equipment - Keep your heating equipment well tuned with periodic maintenance by a United Metro Energy professional service representative. United Metro Energy customers save as much as 10% on their bill when their systems are inspected by our qualified and certified service team.

Heating Upgrades - If your heating equipment is running below efficiency, not only doesn’t that take advantage of available heat, but you also lose money of every dollar you spend on your bill. A state-of-the-art high-efficiency heating system ensures nearly all of the energy goes to heating your home, not the outside air.

What Can You Do?

Exhaust Fans - In the heating season, vapors from bathing and cooking are beneficial because they help humidify the home. United Metro Energy recommends to use your kitchen and bath exhaust fans sparingly in order to keep as much heat as possible inside your home.

Thermostat - Install a programmable thermostat and leave it on a lower temperature while you're away. If you can estimate when you are going home, set it to warm the house 30 minutes before you return. You can save as much as 5% a year on your heating bills by simply turning your thermostat back five degrees for eight hours.

Vents - Keep your vents clear and open in order to make sure the air in your home flows properly keeping you and your family warm.

Party Planning - When you are expecting company, lower the thermostat a few degrees before the guests arrive. Since people generate heat, if the temperature is high, the space may become wastefully overheated.

Ceiling Fans - United Metro Energy recommends switching the direction of your ceiling fan to a clockwise direction, because this will allow the warm air to circulate throughout the room.

Unused Areas - Close all heating vents and radiator valves in unused rooms since this will use extra energy for no good reason.

Fireplaces - If you have a simple open-masonry fireplace, United Metro Energy suggests you consider installing a glass screen, a convective grate, a radiant grate or a fireplace insert. Any of these options will help reduce the loss of warm air through your fireplace chimney.

Radiator - Clean your radiator surfaces frequently because dirt, dust and other grime hinder the flow of heat.

Sunshine - Even in the winter time, the sun's energy has a noticeable effect on the temperature in your home, especially from windows facing south and west. Make sure you open your window shades and drapes during winter months in order to let in the sun's radiant heat. This simple task can help save you up to 2% on heating costs.

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