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Residential FAQs

Q: What are the main differences between Biofuel (GreenHeat™), natural gas and regular heating oil?

A: Natural gas and heating oil are finite resources, also known as fossil fuels. Bioheat® fuel, on the other hand, is a renewable fuel that is produced from natural, sustainable resources. Biofuels and traditional heating oil can be used in the same boilers, while natural gas requires different equipment. 


Q: How does the New York government feel about biofuels? Have they passed any legislation mandating or requiring biofuel?

A: Mayor Bloomberg included biodiesel and Bioheat® fuel in his internationally acclaimed environmental blueprint “PlaNYC,” which already requires many city buildings to use Bioheat® fuel. Local Law 43, a legislation signed by Mayor Bloomberg on August 2010, requires that a minimum of 2% biodiesel is blended into all grades of heating oil - #2, #4, and #6 beginning in October 2012. 

There is currently a New York City tax credit called Claim for Clean Heating Fuel Credit, that offers residential users of Bioheat® fuel a credit amount that equals $.01 per gallon for each percent of biodiesel included in the Bioheat® fuel, not to exceed $.20 per gallon.


Q: How do I switch to United Metro Energy’s GreenHeat™ from regular heating oil?

A: No retrofitting is required on boilers and engines – all biofuel grades are compatible with existing tanks and burners. Once you decide you would like to use biofuels, United Metro Energy can fill up your tank, after a cleaning, immediately.


Q: How does United Metro Energy become my natural gas supplier?

A: Today, the company that delivers your natural gas no longer has to be the same company that provides the actual product. You’re free to choose your own natural gas supplier on the basis of price and service, selecting the company that best suits your needs. As a full service ESCO, just give United Metro Energy a call, and we can supply you with all your natural gas needs. It’s as simple as that; we don’t even have to check or adjust any meters at all!


Q: Our boiler is almost 15 years old and not covered under warranty; do we have to make any changes to use GreenHeat™?

A: As long as your boiler or tank is in good shape and has been cleaned recently, no changes should be needed. However, United Metro Energy’s technicians will inspect your equipment before Greenheat™ can be used.


Q: Does United Metro Energy’s GreenHeat™ have any effect on our furnace, boiler or pipes? Does GreenHeat™ require additional servicing and maintenance? Is it going to cost us more?

A: United Metro Energy’s GreenHeat™ actually acts as a cleaning agent on your furnace, boiler or pipes, as it removes gunk, while improving efficiency. This is why making the seamless transition actually costs you less because it requires less service and maintenance due to the cleanliness of the fuel.

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