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United Metro Energy's Service & Maintenance

As your total energy supplier, United Metro Energy not only provides you with top quality fuel, but we also offer full service and maintenance plans for your heating equipment. All heating systems, both new and old, require maintenance and repairs; it's just a fact of life. United Metro Energy’s goal is to keep your system running at peak performance. With our proven track record and numerous years of experience, United Metro Energy knows what it takes to make these systems run flawlessly!

United Metro Energy carries the highest quality heating and cooling equipment ranging from 32,000 BTU heating systems for single homes to 2,000,000 BTU commercial systems. We install: hot water boilers, steam boilers, warm air furnaces, water heaters, retention-head burners, oil tanks, natural gas pipes, and central air conditioners. United Metro Energy also can install an automation system for owners and supers to monitor the building’s temperature, water and fuel usage, number of gallons left in the tank, the building’s temperature compared to outside temperature, and boiler stack temperature.

United Metro Energy performs annual tune-ups with the most advanced equipment available. Whether it is DAR (Department of Air Resources) inspection (triennial), a low pressure boiler inspection, violations correction, or tank testing, United Metro Energy’s service will provide you with everything your equipment needs and requires. United Metro Energy also performs a free building survey, which is an efficiency test and evaluation on your system.

United Metro Energy is a licensed installer for the National Grid and Con Edison Conversion process, which is when you switch from oil to gas or duel fuels. Let United Metro Energy coordinate the process, fill out the paper work, and conduct new equipment installation for you. This is available for homes, multi-dwellings, co-ops, condos, apartments and buildings in conjunction with the Department of Buildings. This is offered anywhere National Grid gas service is available.

Our trained United Metro Energy employees, whom average 15 years of experience with heating systems, maintain your equipment so your boiler achieves maximum efficiency and helps you save as much as 10 percent off your annual heating and cooling bills. United Metro Energy provides customers with the quality service that they deserve. United Metro Energy’s service professionals consistently attend training classes in order to keep up with the latest technology and can provide residential or commercial burner service, as well as natural gas service. United Metro Energy installation teams can perform conversions from heavy grade oil products to lower grades, as well as to natural gas supply, for our Commercial and Residential customers. At United Metro Energy, we service our accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

United Metro Energy’s service trucks are equipped with a full complement of replacement parts to ensure that your first service call is your last one. This avoids unnecessary call backs, which saves you valuable time. We pride ourselves on a rapid response time - and we never leave a job until we are finished. When our service personnel answer your call, they are prepared to solve even the most complicated problems. All of United Metro Energy’s service technicians have portable two-way radios, which means we are able to solve heating and cooling problems and respond to emergency situations faster than other companies.

United Metro Energy is proud to offer you one of our newest services in our "Water Treatment Program." In this latest service, United Metro Energy’s specialized technicians administer a chemical treatment and monitor water chemistries to insure that your boilers/cooling towers are properly protected. Proper chemical treatment saves fuel and by keeping corrosion at bay, reduces repair and replacement costs. Additionally our service keeps heating surfaces clean so they can operate in an efficient reliable manner, for trouble-free years to come.

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500 Kingsland Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11222
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