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Biofuel FAQs

Q: Will I need to purchase new equipment?

A: No, biodiesel blends do not require any new equipment, as long as the existing equipment is in relatively good shape. All grades of heating oil that use B2 to B20 seamlessly replace traditional heating oil or diesel fuel


Q: Will using these fuels void my equipment warrantees?

A: No, B2 and higher grades of biofuel are covered under virtually all manufacturers’ warrantees. All bioheat and biodiesel sold in New York must meet ASTM biodiesel spec D6751 and heating oil spec D396. Biofuels actually help home heating systems and diesel engines run cleaner and more efficiently, all while reducing maintenance costs. Biofuel can also extend the life of heating systems and diesel engines since they will require less maintenance.


Q: What is wrong with the fuel I’m currently using? Why make the switch to Bioheat® fuel or Biodiesel?

A: GreenHeat™ and BioMax™ both burn cleaner, are renewable, and more efficient than your existing fuel.


Q: How much do GreenHeat™ and BioMax™ cost?

A: There is no appreciable difference between the cost of GreenHeat™ and B20 BioMax™ versus petroleum based heating oil and diesel fuel. Many states encourage you to convert to cleaner Bioheat® fuel and B20 biodiesel by offering incentives.


Q: Will switching to GreenHeat™ add value to our property?

A: It is a great first step in improving the air you breathe in your home. Real estate studies confirm that today’s buyer is looking for greener solutions for their property. GreenHeat™ is also easier on your boiler and pipe systems, therefore reducing your maintenance costs and extending the life of the equipment.


Q: How do I prepare my boiler for Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel?

A: GreenHeat™ acts as a cleansing agent and cleans out your boiler and tank. United Metro Energy recommends checking filters after the first delivery.


Q: Is there a difference in energy output between traditional heating oil and Bioheat® fuel or traditional heating oil and biodiesel?

A: GreenHeat™ burns cleaner and more efficiently. The energy output is virtually the same.


Q: What’s the benefit to GreenHeat™ and BioMax™ besides burning cleaner and more efficiently?

A: Burning biofuel reduces the sulfur content and particulates in the air we breathe. GreenHeat™ and BioMax™ reduce occurrences of asthma and other upper respiratory diseases, particularly in children, since it is a renewable fuel.

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