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UNITED METRO ENERGY Corp. President Speaks Before the New York City Council Environmental Protection Committee

- 12:34 pm - October 21st, 2013

Testimony of Daniel Gianfalla, President of UNITED METRO ENERGY Corp. - October 16, 2013

"Good afternoon Chairman Gennaro and members of the Environmental Protection Committee. I am Dan Gianfalla, President of UNITED METRO ENERGY Corporation. UNITED METRO ENERGY Corp. supplies and delivers gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, biodiesel, bioheat, heating oil, and natural gas throughout the New York Metropolitan Area from terminals in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as well as Riverhead and Calverton, Long Island.

We strongly support both Intro 1047, related to bioheat in City owned buildings, and Intro 705, which calls for biodiesel fuel in diesel-powered generators used in the production of films, television programs and advertisements, and at street fairs in New York City. These bills build on the record of success that New York City has established with the poineering B2 ( or 2% biodiesel) fuel standard for heating oil in residential and commercial buildings, as well as increasing biodiesel standards for the City's fleet of vehicles.

According to the Mayor's recently published report on air quality and the effect of its innovative Clean Heat program, which includes a strong emphasis on promoting bioheat and biodiesel, New York City has already made vast strides in improving air quality across the region. The B2 fuel standard is estimated to have replaced 20 million gallons of fossil fuel with renewable clean biodiesel this year alone.

According to City Health Officials, improved air quality is preventing nearly 800 deaths and around 2,000 emergency room visits and hospitalizations every year, compared to 2008.

The more biodiesel we use in building and mobile generators, as well as other facilities, the faster we can meet goals for improved air quality in New York City and continue to lead the nation in commitment to sustainable biofuels.

Intros 1047 and 705 not only address critical environmental concerns but also help promote job-producing and economy-stimulating green industries such as home-grown biodiesel industry.

Intro 1047, which requires all city-owned buildings to use at least B5 (5% biodiesel) in all of its heating oil contracts, expands upon the city's existing B2 fuel standard--as it should.  The City of New York can lead the way toward higher use of bioheat by insisting on a B5 standard in its own contracting. This is both feasible and sensible, as thousands of heating oil consumers throughout the state including the City of New york, already use blends of B5 or above. Many are now using B20 blends! And, while the sponsors of this bill are correct in staying at B5, they are also correct in instituting a B10 pilot program.

Intro 705 requires biodiesel use in generators that are routinely used on New York City streets for filming movies, commercials and television shows, as well as street fairs. These activities enhance the economic and social life of our city. Many production companies already use biodiesel in their generators, showing their commitment to green, sustainable, clean energy while shooting outdoors. Biodiesel is plentiful, affordable, and can easily become a standard for all film and television productions throughtout the country. If New York City adopts this standard, as a major producer of television and film, it will have great significance nationwide.

United Refining, since aqcuiring Brooklyn's Metro Terminals in early 2013, is proud to build on the pioneering role Metro has played in the advancement of biodiesel in New York City over the last decade. UNITED METRO ENERGY is currently a major blender and marketer of biodiesel, selling millions of gallons of biodiesel to customers, both large and small, throughout the region. In addition, UNITED METRO ENERGY is now tasked with completing one of the largest, advanced biodiesel production and blending facilities in North America, with a capacity up to 110 Million gallons per year, right here in Brooklyn. The facility, which would be the only one of its kind in New York City, will be capable of accepting recycled restaurant grease, algae, and barged-in vegetable oil-based feedstock, which is then processed into various blends of biodiesel for distribution in the New York City region. We stand ready to meet the biodiesel and bioheat demands of the New York Metropolitan Area. 

We support and thank this Committee for your efforts in hearing these two bills that promote clean, green biofuels, as well as sensible clean-air policies. 

Thank you."

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500 Kingsland Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11222
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