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People are talking!

- 8:44 am - March 30th, 2016

People are talking!

After several years of high prices, oil is at its lowest since 2001. Making the switch to natural gas is no longer a "no-brainer."

Rocco Lacertosa, CEO of New York Oil Heat Association was interviewed by John Catsimatidis on Cats' Roundtable on Sunday, March 20, 2016, where he discussed the benefits of oil heat.


"Oil heat is the best choice."

With over fifty years of experience in the heating oil industry, Mr. Lacertosa spoke passionately about the safety of heating oil versus natural gas, referencing the natural gas explosion in the East Village on March 26, 2015, as well as the possibility for methane to leak into the environment from the natural gas pipes located underground.

Mr. Lacertosa strengthened his position on heating oil with biofuel as the best choice for energy consumers by citing its reduction of noxious emissions and carbon monoxide. He stated, "New York City has the cleanest heating oil in the nation," thanks to the 2% BioHeat® mandate that went into effect in 2012. Because of its success and efficiency, the New York City Council is currently considering to increase the BioHeat® mandate to 5% before the end of the year.

Due to the surplus of oil in the US, heating oil prices are down nearly $100 per barrel since the historic highs in 2008 to under $40 per barrel, making oil the more cost-effective choice. Some suppliers are offering supply contracts to protect customers with low pricing.


About New York Oil Heat Association 

The New York Oil Heat Association, NYOHA, is the voice of NYC's oil heat industry. Established in 1939, NYOHA has been an advocate for its members by driving policies and monitoring regulations and issues that affect the industry. NYOHA works closely with government officials to ensure its members' interests are represented.

roccoheadshot.jpg  About Rocco Lacertosa

Rocco Lacertosa is Chief Executive Officer of New York Oil Heat Association with over fifty years of experience in the fuel industry. Mr. Lacertosa has cross-department experience in a variety of fuel companies.

jcradioheadshot.jpg  About John Catsimatidis

John Catsimatidis is CEO of Red Apple Group, which operates the successful chain of NYC grocery stores, Gristedes; United Metro Energy Corp., based in Brooklyn, New York; and is a real estate developer with a $700 million portfolio.

About Cat's Roundtable

In March 2014, Catsimatidis began the Cat's Roundtable on 970AM The Answer on Sunday mornings. Cat's Roundtable is an interview-based radio program focusing on current events and politics. It has become the #1 talk show in NYC on Sundays. 

Listen to Cat's Roundtable 8:30AM on Sundays on 970AM The Answer. 

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