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Commercial FAQs

Q: What are the main differences between Biofuel (GreenHeat™), natural gas and regular heating oil?

A: Natural gas and heating oil are finite resources, also known as fossil fuels. Biofuel, on the other hand, is a renewable fuel that is produced from natural, sustainable resources. Biofuels and traditional heating oil can be used in the same boilers, while natural gas requires different equipment. 


Q: Does United Metro Energy sell equipment?

A: Yes, we carry the highest quality heating and cooling equipment ranging from up to 2,000,000 BTU commercial systems. United Metro Energy installs: hot water boilers, steam boilers, warm air furnaces, water heaters, retention-head burners, and central air conditioners. No job is too complicated for United Metro Energy’s experienced team of technicians. 


Q: Where does United Metro Energy deliver to?

A: Besides servicing the New York Metropolitan Area, our trucks go as far out as all of Long Island, parts of Southern Connecticut, Northern New Jersey, and Westchester County. 


Q: Can biofuels be used in commercial buildings?

A: Yes, United Metro Energy’s custom-blended biofuel, GreenHeat™ is currently fueling a sustainable future for numerous commercial buildings throughout New York City; predominately in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. 

There is currently a New York City tax credit called Claim for Clean Heating Fuel Credit, that offers commercial users of Bioheat® fuel a credit amount that equals $.01 per gallon for each percent of biodiesel included in the Bioheat® fuel, not to exceed $.20 per gallon.


Q: Will my account be listed under my name or my business?

A: Your account will be listed under the name of your business.


Q: Will switching to GreenHeat™ add value to our property?

A: Yes, a lot of buildings are catering themselves to people that are more aware of the health and sustainability. Managing agents realize that buildings with green amenities help create a more forward-thinking, health conscious atmosphere to live or work in, which is an attractive asset. As a green, clean fuel, United Metro Energy’s GreenHeat™ meets these demands, thus adding value to the property. Also, biofuels have been proven to extend the life of boilers and tanks, while also making them more efficient.


Q: What do my super and staff have to do to prepare for biofuels? Do they have to learn anything; is there training available/needed?

A: No training or preparation is needed. Since there is a seamless transition and nothing has to be modified in the boiler, the only operational change is a fuel change. 

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